Internet Explorer on Windows 11? Yes you can… by accident!

So I discovered something bizarre completely by accident. You can load Internet Explorer in Windows 11 without using Microsoft Edge.

I installed a serial monitor app, and the installer launched a HTML document. Not sure how this bypassed the Edge redirect, but it did.

You can browse the internet as normal too…

I’ve attempted a various number of things via the command prompt and none seem to allow me to just open the page in iexplore.exe.

Mind blown.

DisplayPort – OSD Brightness/Contrast/Colour Controls Disabled!

Either I am terrible at using Google in 2022 or it’s out to get me. Whenever I search this issue, all I get is results for MacOS, and no clear answer as to why for some reason when I have a monitor – 4K UHD in particular connected via DisplayPort it locks out the ability to change the brightness, contrast and other colour controls?

Not sure how clear it is on the photo above, but as you can see the HDR setting is white, the rest are a shade of grey. This is on an Asus TUF Gaming monitor, but the same is also true for both my Lenovo 4K UHD monitors at work desk.

I posted about this in a Facebook group full of IT technicians, and basically the responses were as if I’d just entered the profession with zero IT knowledge (sadly not, been doing this 16 years now!).

My work arounds for this which I really don’t want to do in all honesty – Switch to HDMI and potentially lose the full ability of this monitor or find an app to control it over DDI/CI (which the app I did find was hopeless and now is no longer developed).

I am hoping that this page gets indexed, and other people who are as frustrated as me share their experience on this one.

Origin Error – 1021115

aka {“Error”:”invalid_request” , “error_description” “pc machine id is missing” code : 1021115} – thrown when trying to link a game with Origin from Steam or Epic.

Thanks to Sparta_1ah1 on the EA and Origin forums his suggestion worked after nearly 2 weeks of back and forth trying to figure this out.

The fix?

To quote Sparta directly:

I solved this issue by changing my nickname which i was using some non English letters

what I did is use normal English letters in my steam account nickname and boom problem solved.

In my case – I had symbols in my Steam display name like | and #. Removed these, and off we go.

Hopefully this reaches a few of you who have been banging your head trying to get an answer from EA, Steam or Epic


So it would appear yet another botched update has been kicked out the door of Microsoft, but this time it includes a Adobe Flash Player update?

Been suffering a lot of driver resets, and blue screens recently with a new AMD Ryzen based machine and AMD Vega graphics. Initially I thought it was due to KB4549951 as this has been reported to be causing blue screens and other crashing issues. Nope! Even after uninstallation the problem persisted. So I moved onto the next update to uninstall… KB4537759.

Rebooted, and the problem went away. Installed the update again, and rebooted suddenly on start up the screen flickers, may recover but so far on every time it’s reinstalled itself we’ve had a blue screen of death straight after the initial reboot.

I’ve even tried newer drivers, and rebuilding the machine from scratch and the problem remains with this KB.

So conclusion: Uninstall KB4537759 if you’re having issues with your AMD drivers!

*I’ll add some event logs when I get some more.

KB4541329 – WINSPOOL.DRV and Remote Desktop

Seeing the following message in the event viewer on your Remote Desktop servers on various apps when a user tries to print a document?

Faulting module name: winspool.drv 0xc0000005 

It’s probably related to the above KB number. I just removed it from a server and the issues went away,

More information on the KB here:

Update, April 8th 2020: Several comments posted below on this issue all saying that this has proven to resolve it for them. Interestingly also reporting similar scenarios where only certain environments are being affected if they are support multiple different environments. Sadly my role as a technician at an MSP rather than being an internal type IT guy doesn’t allow for me to dig deeper on this one. Logic would say that maybe something with a particular printer driver causes this but due to the lack of information presented with the crash it would be hard to say that this is a definite cause.

Second Hand Laptop?

One of my side hobbies along side fixing anything that has a plug is playing DJ in night clubs and bars.

I often find myself browsing DJ groups on social media and seeing posts about other DJs looking to source a new laptop and the age old arguments over whether you should spend a little, or spend a lot and whether you should go with a Windows computer or Apple MacOS computer.

But something else caught my eye when looking at some of the suggestions. The price gap between a second hand laptop, a new laptop and the outrageous prices being charged for hardware that is clearly very dated.

NewEgg is a fine example of a retailer and it’s sellers playing on technical inability and lack of understanding of computer specs.


Filters used: Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 250-500GB Storage.

For around $440-445 Canadian, what do you get? A 6th Gen (Q3 2015), a 4th Gen (Q2 2014) and a 2nd Gen (Q1 2011) all with very similar solid state storage sizes. Where is the logic in this when you compare the brands, the age and certainly the benchmarks?

Looking at the various benchmark sites, and comparisons of spec’s the 6300U vs the 2520M – There is a big difference between these two. Across the board the 6300U is about 20% faster in all areas, and has a far lower TDP at 15W vs 35W, meaning battery life and performance be far better.

When you compare the 6300U and the 4210M on the benchmarks they are pretty much identical however the memory speed supported on the 6300U is far faster, and the TDP again is far lower with the 4210M being rated at 37W.

For just a mere $200 more (granted they’re currently on sale, and budgets don’t always stretch!) you can jump up to the latest 10th Generation processors or 8th generation. Again some outrageous pricing between generations! That said the jump from 8th to 10th generation comes with a mix of opinions.