Origin Error – 1021115

aka {“Error”:”invalid_request” , “error_description” “pc machine id is missing” code : 1021115} – thrown when trying to link a game with Origin from Steam or Epic.

Thanks to Sparta_1ah1 on the EA and Origin forums his suggestion worked after nearly 2 weeks of back and forth trying to figure this out.

The fix?

To quote Sparta directly:

I solved this issue by changing my nickname which i was using some non English letters

what I did is use normal English letters in my steam account nickname and boom problem solved.

In my case – I had symbols in my Steam display name like | and #. Removed these, and off we go.

Hopefully this reaches a few of you who have been banging your head trying to get an answer from EA, Steam or Epic

WordPress Blocks

I have been a WordPress user for many years on and off for various websites and it’s been one of the best CMS based website engines I’ve had the pleasure to use.

My knowledge, and use has been very minimal but functional.

They have taken writing a blog to the next level it seems in Version 5 with this new “Blocks” feature. So far my impressions are that it is a very welcomed change for me. Being able to insert different content without having to fight the WYSIWYG to align images and other bits of content moving around or causing other weirdness is bliss!