So it would appear yet another botched update has been kicked out the door of Microsoft, but this time it includes a Adobe Flash Player update?

Been suffering a lot of driver resets, and blue screens recently with a new AMD Ryzen based machine and AMD Vega graphics. Initially I thought it was due to KB4549951 as this has been reported to be causing blue screens and other crashing issues. Nope! Even after uninstallation the problem persisted. So I moved onto the next update to uninstall… KB4537759.

Rebooted, and the problem went away. Installed the update again, and rebooted suddenly on start up the screen flickers, may recover but so far on every time it’s reinstalled itself we’ve had a blue screen of death straight after the initial reboot.

I’ve even tried newer drivers, and rebuilding the machine from scratch and the problem remains with this KB.

So conclusion: Uninstall KB4537759 if you’re having issues with your AMD drivers!

*I’ll add some event logs when I get some more.

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