KB4541329 – WINSPOOL.DRV and Remote Desktop

Seeing the following message in the event viewer on your Remote Desktop servers on various apps when a user tries to print a document?

Faulting module name: winspool.drv 0xc0000005 

It’s probably related to the above KB number. I just removed it from a server and the issues went away,

More information on the KB here:


Update, April 8th 2020: Several comments posted below on this issue all saying that this has proven to resolve it for them. Interestingly also reporting similar scenarios where only certain environments are being affected if they are support multiple different environments. Sadly my role as a technician at an MSP rather than being an internal type IT guy doesn’t allow for me to dig deeper on this one. Logic would say that maybe something with a particular printer driver causes this but due to the lack of information presented with the crash it would be hard to say that this is a definite cause.

20 thoughts to “KB4541329 – WINSPOOL.DRV and Remote Desktop”

  1. Yes just noticed this as well. Thanks for confirming. Uninstall has resolved it for us. Have blocked this update

    1. You’re welcome. It was the only update that got installed on the client’s server and was fine before it was installed so had to test it and that was the end result!

  2. Hey thanks, man. I do tech support for a hosting company and somebody reported a recent issue with RDP printing, and I found this blog post, and certainly enough, they recently installed this update.

    1. You’re welcome! I work for an MSP so we’re in the same realms when it comes to these things!

  3. I am noticing this happening on 1 user on 6 different RDS server, but no other users are effected. I haven’t had a chance to roll back the servers yet.

    1. Out of the number of RDS environments I support I only had one report the issue. It seems as if there is a specific set of criteria for it to go wrong!

  4. This worked for me. I tried a reinstall but still the same issue. I actually have 3 server with very similar builds and only one had the issue

    1. This was also something I experienced. I have a fair few environments I support with varying degrees of complexity and the one in particular wasn’t one of the most complex environments. There must be a driver they had installed that doesn’t agree or something! Sadly no time to be able to dig deeper into the issue!

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