Logik IR100 – DAB 608 LCD

So as Reciva has now closed, the Logik IR100 and other Reciva based radios will no longer work without installing Sharpfin and modifying it. Great, but I want a newer system with more hardware features and a powerful CPU… Step up Raspberry Pi.

However, as I am sure a lot of you have noticed – The LCD doesn’t conform to the HD44780U wiring scheme. Alas… I think I may have at least worked that one out and managed to get it working with an I2C backpack, though right now the backlight doesn’t seem to turn on.

Pinout for the display vs HD44780U

HD44780U   DAB 608 LCD 
3V0 (Contrast)—>4VA
7DB0—>9N/C – DB0
8DB1—>10N/C – DB1
9DB2—>11N/C – DB2
10DB3—>12N/C – DB3

Can’t Type In Search Bar in Windows 10

Well this was an interesting problem to have today. Click the search box, try and type… nada.

After trying the recommended solutions of load ctfmon.exe and add it to startup and reinstall the modern apps using the powershell command something else came to mind seeing as ctfmon.exe is responsible for input.

I checked in the user’s language settings, and noticed that they didn’t have the Canadian language pack installed but US… this is odd because well they’re in Canada not the US.

So I installed this pack… and boom I could type in the search box again.


If you can’t type in the search box – change your language pack in settings and change it back or just make sure it’s correct in the first place!

P.s Yes – I use English UK – I’m a stickler for it.