VA7ZZS – Yep I passed!

I finally took the exam, and I passed with a graceful 82 out of 100… Meaning I got honors!

For those not aware of what this means:

A simple pass (70/100) = Access to bands above 30MHz only
An honors pass (80/100) = Access to bands below 30MHz.

My handhelds that were collecting dust now have a purpose again! (I used to hold a business license in the UK)

Amateur Radio License

This year I look forward to being able to get my amateur radio license, and take to the airwaves.

I have long been an avid listener to stations, and have been interested in walkie talkies, CBs, and RF stuff for many years and thought it was about time I took this a step further.

The community in British Columbia seems to be strong and growing, and I would like to be a part of that now I am a permanent fixture here in Canada.

Tools in my arsenal:

  • Motorola MOTOTRBO DP4800e (NA: XPR7550e)
  • Retevis RT8
  • Retevis RT81
  • Retevis Ailunce HD1 (awaiting delivery at time of writing)

I look forward to chatting to you on the airwaves soon!